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Baby Beadle Baby Shower!

Sunday 26th February

11am-4pm (Sydney Timezone)

Onsite OR Zoom

Guys, Gals

& Kids Welcome!

In Person /  Via Zoom / Can't Make It

2018 canyonlands.jpg

It's Time For Our Next Adventure!

We are going to kick things off with a Baby Shower this February and would love to have you! YES, Guys, Gals, and Kids are Welcome!

(you know we like to do things a bit differently!)

Since distance can be a hindrance, we have two options:

Attend in person OR via Zoom!

In person, join us at the Illawarra Yacht Club for a few games, drinks, and yummy food! YES guys and gals, YES kids welcome, YES there'll be a bar in the function room :-)

Via Zoom, toon in at any time that works for you - all of it, part of it, come and go as you wish. Hang out and watch like a movie or chat with other zoomers. We will be able to see you if you choose to have your video on (projected up on a wall) and we/onsite guests will pop on to say hello at times. There will also be a game or two that you can play along with us from home. 

PS the sound has been fixed ;-)

...Details, Details, Details!

Please RSVP by 10th February for Catering & Special Info!

Can you attend In Person, Via Zoom, or Unvailable?
How many are attending?

Thanks for letting us know!


Please ensure your email is correct so we can send you updates, game info and more!
If your RSVP changes or if you have questions please let us know:

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