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Business Owners Outreach Movement






It's simple, participate in at least 5 charitable events/donations throughout the year, earn a badge, brag about how amazing your business is. Each donation is to equate to $250 min.

1. Take 3 minutes to complete this Form to say: YES! I want to be a BOOM Business!

- Make sure that you email a jpeg or png of your logo.

We will:

- Send you info and Beginner badge icon to add to your page, signature, social media.

- Brag about you on our social media!

2. Start participating. Email a screenshot or picture of your donation so we can record it against your profile. Brag about your donation all you wish on social media - use #BOOMDonation

3. Donate more to increase bragging rights and badge status :-)

Common Questions
1. Are my donations tax-deductible? 

- Usually. It depends on how and what you donate. Check out the organisation's website or contact us or your accountant prior. Make sure to make donations in your business name and keep documentation for your accountant for the end of the year.
2. Can I donate to an organization not listed? Does it have to be an Australian organization?- As long as it is a Not For Profit, is an equal opportunity/non-discriminatory organization and you are not exchanging your "donation" for advertising purposes - go for it!
Old-Fashioned Clock
3. I already donated to an organization earlier this year - can that count?
- Maybe. Email us to discuss. We will at least give you partial credit.
4. How long does my BOOM badge last?
- If you donate a total of $1250 or $2500 in the calendar year, you will earn the applicable BOOM badge from the moment we receive the final donation, through the following calendar year. Ie, donat the last of your $1250 in September 2022 = get a badge in Sept 2022 and it is valid through Dec 2023. Donations are needed in 2023 in order to continue to have the badge in 2024, etc..
5. Can I donate more than $250 per organization?
- Yes. The main necessity is to donate at least $1250 in a calendar year, ideally to 5x $250 to different organizations, to spread the support.
6. Do I pay Polished Business anything?- No. We organize the BOOM community but there are no subscription fees and no payments to be made to Polished Business. Always submit your donation directly to a charitable organization and only send us the screenshot proof.
7. What do I get in return for my donation?
- Feeling of being an epic human. We'll share your epicness by bragging about you on our social media (yay free advertising!)
BONUS! "It's in the Bag" in November is worth $500, with only a $350 spend. Please let us know by September 15th if you plan to do It's in the Bag in November.
- See below, November for more info
- This activity requires a $350 spend on a specified bag necessity.

- Please let us designate you a product(s) and quantity specifications so we don't end up with ten thousand shampoos and only three toothpaste :-).
- You have the option to order online and post directly to Polished and we will add to the bags, or you can show up on our build-a-bag day (which will be in Wollongong or Albion Park) Nibbles and drinks provided! details TBA. 
BADGE-01 Green Beginner Boom.png



Signed up!

Ready To Go!

Yet to complete 5 Events

BADGE-01 Blue Boom Business.png



Completed 5 Events in

Calendar Year!

$1250 or more value

BADGE-01 Brilliant.png



Completed 10+ Events in Calendar Year!

$2500 or more value

Expedite your ranking!
Our goal is to spread the love across organizations as well as support your cash flow by not asking too much too soon. But, if you want to expedite your ranking, donate to any listed program min of $250 each at any time and BOOM you're a BOOM Business Now!
5 Organisations = BOOM Business, 10 Organisations = Brilliant BOOM Business


t2m bw.png



Supporting this organisation means ending the stigma around mental health for men.


acf bw.png


Australian Conservation Foundation

Forests, rivers, wildlife and people should be able to coexist. Let's help this organisation make this happen.

simply bw.png


Simply Giving

Help a child in need receive a gift. Choose any of these charities, then Donate.

BB bw.png



Supporting those with anxiety and depression. We've all been there, so let's help this crew here.

hair with heart bw.png


Hair with Heart

Grow it out and chop it off, or straight donate.

TT bw.png


Thread Together

Delivering new and quality clothing and shoes to those in need. Help them here.

afford bw.png



Disability support to inspire and enrich life.


dignity bw.png


It's In The Bag

Counting as two, contact us about what to purchase and where to send it. We will be doing an assembly line of stuffing purses on a day to be specified sooon.

dign bw.png


Share the Dignity

Donate a shopping bag worth of supplies to one of these locations:


oxf bw.png


OxFam Australia

Helping those living in poverty to live healthy and fulfilling lives.


wires bw.png



Support Australia Wildlife in need. Donate Today.

WHH bw.png



Emergency housing for individuals and families. Donate here.

Do you not see your favorite organization? Contact us and we will look into your nominated organization and if it satisfies requirements, we will add it to next year!
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