Clarifying Changes to Sick Leave Accrual

More changes! Always keeping us on our toes!

Here's the main aspect:

"In Australia, full time and part time national system employees are entitled to 10 days of paid Personal/Carer’s Leave for each year of service. Historically, this leave had been calculated in hours . However, after the Federal Court decision, this leave must be accrued, and taken, in days for both full-time and part time employees.

Provided they have sufficient leave accrued, employees are entitled to be paid for the ordinary hours they would have worked that day, had they not been on paid Personal/Carer’s Leave. If they were due to work 4 ordinary hours, you pay 4 hours. If they were due to work 12 ordinary hours, you pay 12 hours "

Here's the full breakdown, from the experts


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