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If you are a small business, then you might sometimes feel like you are navigating this big bad world of business ownership all on your own. Not only do you need to stay on top of legislation's, team productivity and clientele relations, you also must, you know, run your actual business – provide your services, get new clients and chase payments, all the fun stuff!

So let’s talk about what is going on out there, to say you’ve done at least some of your due diligence in keeping the changes in business dynamics in the forefront of your mind, assuming you've reached the very exciting point in any business - you have staff.

Are you communicating effectively with your workforce? Or with the younger generation are you constantly saying, “I remember when we didn’t have cell phones…” It’s tempting isn’t it? The technology at our fingertips is so bizarre compared to when many of us entered the workforce that it’s so tempting to roll our eyes at the concerns of some youngsters. But, we need these youngsters, they are the future and they have brilliant ideas because of the world dynamic they grew up in. They are priceless with their perspectives, but we can’t forget about our more mature employees. Today its normal for your team to have 18 year olds as well as 65 year olds bringing their talents to the table. Creating a balance in your workplace, not only ensuring respect and positivity between your team no matter their age, is necessary. Now back to you – you are faced with needing to have the ability to communicate effectively with the whole team. Sometimes it’s a tone change or body language to adjust per employee – but a lot of the time, its patience. They will communicate with you if given the opportunity and platform to express themselves. You just need to be available!

Then there’s also the HR side of things where sexual harassment is working hard to be a thing of the past in the workplace. Woah, did we just go there? Yep, sure did but just a little, because every business has this effecting them more and more. Not only do businesses need to openly declare a zero-tolerance and dismissal policy in their employee handbooks and contracts, but they then have to follow through and take swift action when problems arise. If you don’t? Well there’s the selfish aspect that social media and reviews will reflect this from a disgruntled employee, not to mention Fairwork action. But there’s also the more important element of your team environment losing out on a positive and safe space, plus you losing a lot of respect and trust as the leader – a combo that hinders business growth more than any bad press.

Today we have all sorts of personalities and backgrounds through every industry - a wonderful place to be. But just because you know your staff are the right people for your team, doesn't automatically mean your team know they are right to be there. Find the connection between your staff, no matter their age, culture etc. Once you feel able to communicate effectively, pass it on. Your team needs to feel safe and secure so they get on with making you money and building client report. The after affect of having a clear handbook covering all your employee standards will create a strong structure. Most people talk about the basics in business, but keep in mind there is more than just buying and selling - there's taking into consideration the current climate.

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