Enviro Effects

Say your team are well catered for and feel fantastic. Your clients are slowly streaming in, so you feel fantastic too. G

uess, what, you aren’t done yet! Now we need to think about our clients and the way they are drawn to us. Do they see you as all you are? Do they know your business message – not just what you do, but where the heart is in your business? Or are you just running around searching for the next dollar? Clients are clever and can see through you better and better these days. You need to come from a place of positivity and passion if your are in business – and one way to express this is thinking of our planet. Sure, it’s a great PR message to be able to share your environmentally procedures, but it’s also just the right thing to do. We all know there is no planet B, and thanks to social media we see it more and more just how big of a footprint humans are leaving for the next generations. Your green level is easier to raise these days, no longer just about choosing paper made from recycled materials, but now its about avoiding single use plastic, scanning / saving PDFs instead of printing, and eliminating unnecessary waste. The tools are there, just need to choose to use them. For example, recycling pickups are cheaper than rubbish pickups. I remember working in a land-surveying company in the Sydney CBD years ago and seeing the piles and piles of paper plans being printed, then scrapped due to changes/errors. I found out the building we were in would not only provide a recycling bin, empty it out weekly, but the extra cost was under ten dollars a week, and our rubbish fee’s would reduce by $15/week. WHAT? We can save the environment AND save money? Yesssss. I encourage you to explore your options – you might be surprised.


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