Haters Gonna Hate

Updated: Mar 20

Unfortunately, anyone can write a review for the masses immediately see. Thank you technology! I find those who write negative reviews do so for two different reasons:

1. They truly had a bad experience and want to save others from using a service

2. They asked more of their supplier then they should have and the supplier drew a line.

I have had a two unhappy customers. I'm not saying I'm perfect, as no one is, but these two lashed out in unprofessional ways.

1. The client and their accountant wanted me to do things to their records that that I didn't think was right. The accountant tried to pull the "I'm the accountant, I know more than you card." I said "sorry, no, I don't agree with the works, so I can not conduct them. " He wasn't pleased. Additionally, he wanted me to do more work than I contracted for, without further compensation for my extended time. I completed my quoted works, and a bit more, but he kept asking for more. I had a gut instinct something wasn't right. So I said no and backed away from the client. There was a rude phone call from him which I told him that's too bad but I am no longer providing my services and I wish him the best of luck.

A fun kicker was another client, who had used my services for years, came to me a couple months later saying he had passed my details to this friend of his (happened to be my original client) and had gone on and on about how wonderful I was, so I should expect his call. He didn't call.

2. The client had processes in place that made little sense and would not change to a simpler method, that achieved the same results in less time. So we conducted his works based on his methods and a couple errors and longer time frames occurred. He screamed at my staff and wrote me viscous emails while I was overseas. I told him I was happy to discontinue providing our services, we weren't a match. He tried to come back saying we should have a meeting face to face and work it out. The workplace was a toxic environment with high turnover of his staff. He was a grown man of at least 60yrs and honestly acted like a tantrum ridden toddler on many occasions. I should have stopped providing services much sooner but felt a trapped because he was always a late with paying our invoices, so I wanted to wait till we were caught up. I also witnessed him saying he wouldn't pay the previous bookkeepers final works until "she made me." I refused the meeting politely and he refused to pay my open invoices. I employed a lawyer and sent a letter of demand and small claims court, he pushed back fabricating the training and experience of myself and my staff saying he had a lawyer too and would see me in court. I opted to cut my losses due to time and cost, settling for a fragment of my open invoices just get away from his negativity. He decided to post a negative review. I groaned, but got over it.

No one has ever asked me about that review - possibly because if they google his name he comes up in "Praise Shame Illawarra" Facebook page multiple times (in the shame category).

If you walk away from a client and they aren't happy, they may spew hate and post bad reviews. Take it in stride, remember they are only one out of many, and who knows what is going on in their personal lives or business, to cause them to act so inappropriately. We can't please everyone, and we aren't perfect. Fix what you can, but recognise those who just weren't meant to be.


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