Portray Proud

No one needs to know you are new.

No one needs to know you are scared.

No one needs to know you just got a herendous call from an evil customer that made you cry.

If you are walking into a meeting, conversation, networking event, any interaction – be ready to portray yourself positive and professional. Hashing out the negativities is a necessary therapeutic activity to keep your sanity, but save that for family, friends or your therapist. You might be chummy with some clients, but draw a line – they think you are friends but you present yourself as their most professional friend they have that can still ask them to pay their bills on time.

Hot Tips to Portray Proud

- Have your ten second pitch 30 second pitch, but make it not sound like a pitch. Make it a conversation – ask questions.

- Don’t say: “I only just opened my doors,” “I haven’t done this for very long,” “I’m not very good at ____,”

- Have ready two to five scenarios where you helped client directly or indirectly. These are for you to throw in as needed, “Oh really? I had a client in a similar situation, and what we did in that instance, it was actually quite bold but they trusted me and it all worked out. This is what happened…”

- Know your strengths. Have five to ten sentences about what you are great at. 50% directly what your products or services are, 25% personal anecdotes, 25% indirectly related to your business products or services.

I’m not implying you should lie – but I am implying you don’t need to offer negative connotations to your circumstances. If you believe in your work, act like it.


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