You are the First You

There’s 7 billion people in the world. What’s extraordinary is out of all of those people, there is literally only one of you. You are a special little package of oddities and talents that no one else can quite compare to. Own it, be proud of it and feel great about it. You might look at musiscians ot actors and say there are copies out there almost too similar to tell apart – but they do have their key differences. Whether its two pop singers the same age, but one is brunette and one is blonde. If you are the only brunette in your field (metaphorically) own it.

Know the difference you make. The Polished difference – I learned early that most in the bookkeeping field in my local area were ten to twenty years older than me. I’m no spring chicken – but I was late twenties when I started my business and at the time of this writing im early thirties. I still get comments on my age. So now I am ready with statements of “I started working at the age of 13 and have been in this specific industry for over ten years in two different countries. I love how my industry allows me to work with tradies, IT, retail, hospitality, business professionals, coaches, daycares, realestates, dog groomers, corporations, sole traders, trusts, partnerships….” You get the gist – I am hearing a comment on my age, translating it to a judgement on my age and casually blasting them with a long list of how my age should be the last thing on their mind.

Know your super power. My super power is to be able to very quickly identify what a client needs to do or change in order to reach their goal. I don’t need a lot of information and the info I do get is often not obviously related. But I can see their future. Its almost inexplicable.

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