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Start strong with your new employees by compiling standard information in a structured style.


Employers may be aware of the details they must/should collect, but often we see such details spread across multiple unnecessary documents. This form comprises all main required and convenient details to collect (as of known Australian legislations June 2022). We strongly urge you ensure your employee completes this document in full, as any missing details may result in non-compliance with the ATO or inconveniences for you in the future.

Contains enterable fields for: Employee personal details, payroll, superannuation, certifications, special additional information fields to complete your employee profile, plus a signatory field.



*This form is very comprehensice, created to assist the majority of industries as per known Australian legislations Apr 2022., including new Medicare Levy questions. Some industries/States/governing bodies/legislations may require varying information to be collected - ensure you review your industries requirements. Always keep your employee details confidential.

Employee - Details & Declaration

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