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All 10 of our Fillable Forms!


Business - Summary of Specifics - Convenience, Confidence and Control. Being able to quickly refer to key elements of your business is crucial to efficiency and accuracy of your day. With years of experience navigating business needs, we've compiled the most referred to details in a clear and concise fashion, for you and your teams reference. This form is every office managers best friend and every business owners favorite fundamental info sheet. Create once, update as needed, and save exponential amount of time across team, customer and supplier queries alike. 

Contains enterable spaces forprimary business contact details, social media and website details, insurance, support services, subscriptions, vehicle details, key personnel and contact - all neatly organised across 4 pages.




- Customers - Profile Points - Creating a customer profile provides prominent information all on one page (additional pages where needed). Having key details accessible, clearly, ensures efficiency and effective communication between yourself, your team and your customers. Excellent for reference in the future, when customers return or new team members need to connect quickly.


- Customers - Project Plan - Plotting the peticulars before commencement is crucial to all projects. Ensure expectations of employees and clarity from your customers are mapped out accordingly in this simple but vital form. Use to pre-plan your project, refer back to during vital steps, review on conclusion, plus utilise when planning your next projects of similar characteristics. Professional, concise and structured - the elsements of every successful project!


- Customers - Sales summary - Catch customer invoice issuance and payment punctality all in one place. Refer here for a quick visual of your clients histroy of payments, and what may be overdue, before you agree to further works. You may opt to require a deposit, or chase unpaid amounts before committing to further works. Additionally, track jobs tied to invoices, for rapid reference regarding where you are up to with invoicing your projects. 

Contains enterable fields for: Invoice #, dates, customer, job,  and paymet details, for a shareable, quick reference of your sales activity per project.




-Suppliers - Recurring Register - Create a clear calendar for your cash flow! Enter known recurring payments in chronological order and have this beautiful reference to refer to when considering upcoming payments. By knowing the known, you can plan extra expenses at the most beneficial time. Use in conjunction with your Monthly Movement for optimum cash flow confidence!

Contains enterable fields for: Date column and prepped columns for key categories of common recurring expenses (plus a column to add something unique to you!)


- Suppliers - Monthly Movement - Your upcoming payments planner! As you receive bills (for example, those with 7 day or longer terms) enter their details here to forcast expenses exceptionally.

Contains enterable fields for: Dates and details of upcoming expenses - helping you forsee your upcoming payment priorities.


- Suppliers - Specifics - Speedily see supplier specific details on important payments, anniversaries and details. Never again will you waste time searching through historical records to see what is due, and when.

Contains enterable spaces for: Professional, premises, advertising, insurance, software, lease/loan information such as contact names, amounts payable and due dates. To truly cater to all businesses, an additional page is included, to add key  supplier information as you see fit.





- Employee - Duties Description - Providing a job description is a real benefit for employee and employer alike, as well as a requirement from FairWork. By outlining your expectations and key focus points, your employee will be clear on expectations and responsibilities. This also provides a document to return to should an employee be unsatisfactory at a task from their routine. Be sure to include elements that are most important to you, as well as any general standards within your corporation.

Contains enterable fields for: role details, responsibilities, Award, supervision, regular & periodic tasks as well as main reminders. Bonus - optional additional page with sections for extra content.


- Employee - Directory - A directory of team details is a dependable way to stay connected to your team. Refer to when someone is late, to cover a shift, need to pass on job information or for any other reason. Keep your team data handy with this form and never be delayed searching for team details! Team members change? Easily update your Directory as many times as needed!


- Employees - Details & Declaration* - Start strong with your new employees by compiling standard information in a structured style. Employers may be aware of the details they must/should collect, but often we see such details spread across multiple unnecessary documents. This form comprises all main required and convenient details to collect (as of known Australian legislations June 2022). We strongly urge you ensure your employee completes this document in full, as any missing details may result in non-compliance with the ATO or inconveniences for you in the future.

Contains enterable fields for: Employee personal details, payroll, superannuation, certifications, special additional information fields to complete your employee profile, plus a signatory field.



*This form is very comprehensice, created to assist the majority of industries as per known Australian legislations Apr 2022., including new Medicare Levy questions. Some industries/States/governing bodies/legislations may require varying information to be collected - ensure you review your industries requirements. Always keep your employee details confidential.

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  • What makes our templates better? We've listened, created, and tested many ideas. What's inside our forms are years of experience assisting countless businesses across a wide array of industries the kind of organised information they were missing. THEN we took the next step in creating a digital format for the modern day. Our goal is to provide business owners, office managers, teams, with what they need to have an organised, optimised office, to boost their profit and productivity!
    Revise, Review, Redo!  Use, update, re-use, edit, save, edit again and again, go for it!

    Personalise! If you open the forms in Adobe Acrobat, you can even add your own logo to the digital copy!

    Device Friendly! Download, edit, save, and reuse on computers and phone's that are PDF friendly.

    Printer Friendly! Print when complete, or if you'd prefer to use a hard copy to handwrite in details.


    The T's and C's! Fillable Forms are for use by the original purchaser (business or individual) and may be reused and duplicated within that entity. Distribution or sharing with additional parties is prohibited.

    Fillable Forms are to be used in conjunction with other documentation depending on your industry and business compliance requirements.

    ©2022 by Polished Business. All rights reserved. Duplication or use of any Polished Business processes, systems, products, intellectual property or related items in a manner beyond scope of sale is prohibited without explicit written permission from the Polished Business Directors. All forms are original and unique creations by Polished Business. No identification with other products/brands/entities is intended or should be inferred.

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