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Chart of Accounts Template

If you are setting up accounting software or creating a template in Excel/Numbers, this is our favorite breakdown for your figures.

Social Media Platform Comparison

Which one(s) should you be on? Where are your clients?

Comparing Accounting Software

Which one should you choose? Only you can decide, but here are some specs on what each of the big ones does and doesn't do.

Polished Presents - Panels, Persist, and Ponder - Videos to shed light on how those have gotten through issues and difficulties before you. We are constantly adding to our collection to have examples for most industries and situations for your reference.

Guide for New Businesses and Refining Current Businesses - check out this guide, geared to not overwhelm but to support your business basics and answer the questions you may not have known you should be asking.




Online Invoicing Software 

If you aren't ready for accounting software but are over trying to keep your templates right in Word, try this one. Change the currency on the right and make sure you include your ABN, notation of GST, and all your details.

Online Form Creation

There's a lot of options out there, but my favorite and free or low cost are:

Google Forms - If you have Gmail or Gsuite access, you already have access to this. Check it out, play around and see how it might make your records that much better!

Jotform - a variety of forms, submission methods, and diverse tools. Easy to use, basic features, but covers the majority of needs. Option to link up to payment facilities like Stripe.


- Pay Rate Calculator: PACT - Pay rates and conditions tool. Work out the rates based on award, age, trainee/apprenticeship/etc status, and other specifics in this quick-to-use tool and know your wages are right.

- Employee vs Subcontractor - It's a fine line. Use this tool to identify employer obligations depending on the status of your team.

- Award Finder - answer a couple questions and poof! Identify what Award covers your employee(s), so you can then use the Pay Guide for that Award.


Business Grants - NSW   VIC   QLD   SA   NT  TAS  - Most are specific to each state/territory. There are other websites, but these are a place to start.

Grant Checklist - Guide to ensure you are ticking all the boxes and bettering your chances of approval - Business guidance from the government. See they aren't always scary! Sometimes they are nice :-)

Free Resources - Business Planning Tools, Financial Tools, Marketing and Sales Tools, Manufacturing Tools, Industry Specific, IT, Miscellaneous, GST and Tax, Franchising, Succession Planning, Home-based businesses, leasing, tourism, Human Resources, Governance/Boards and more.

Small Business Support - ATO website to help the little guy/gal

Gumtree - Advertising for Jobs and Promote your business. This is one of the most overlooked free advertising resources.

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