Managing Accounting Software Subscriptions

- Prices are inclusive of GST

- Subscriptions commence the day of request for the future 30 days. If transferring a current subscription, the wholesaler will bill you a pro-rata amount covering the previous term up to the date of transference.

- Cancellations require 30 days notice


- Subscribers are under no obligation to use Polished Business other services (but we are here if you need us!).


- Transfer of subscription may take up to 3 business days.


- Xero and Myob: The downgrading of plans can be done once within a 30 day period. Upgrading of plans can be done at any time, with 3 business days notice (though may be completed in less time).

- The monthly subscription price will change in line with the wholesaler change in prices. The Polished price is always at least 15% less than the current RRP.

- Polished Business has the right to cease management of your subscription at any time, in which case your subscription will be transferred to the wholesaler and you'll return to paying RRP. You have the right to move your subscription away from Polished at any time. Requesting a change to your subscription may take up to 3 business days to action (though more often much less). Any due monthly fee's will be billed pro-rata.

- All subscription-related fees are charged to the bank details on file, as submitted on sign up. Should a transaction bounce, you may incur a $10 dishonor fee to re-attempt your bank details. After two failed attempts or 14 days of the original due date, your access to your accounting software may become limited. Failure to make payment within 30 days of the original due date will result in your subscription being canceled. Please note, your subscription can always be reinstated, upon paying all overdue subscription fee's, with no loss of data.

- Subscription transfers incur a one-time $19 subscription management fee. Polished can set up your software in full for you for an additional cost depending on your needs.

- As a reseller of software and insurance, Polished Business may receive a small monetary or non-monetary incentive or commission from managing your subscription, from the wholesaler. No matter our partnership arrangements, we will always suggest solutions we think suit your business best!

- Prices are incl. of GST. Cancel anytime & no obligation to use Polished Business other services (but we are here if you need us!). 

Business Insurance

- CGU Business Insurance is managed by CGU and paid to CGU. For your discounted price, register for a quote here, then all queries, changes and updates should be directed to the CGU team per contact details provided upon acceptance of your quote.

- Polished Business is not an Insurance Company. We are partnered through ExpenseCheck with CGU, thus able to link you with the reduced rate.

Bookkeeping, Advisory, and other Services

- Polished Business provides assistance based on information provided.

- It is the clients responsibility to review their records and ensure accuracy. Should works be done in error, we are happy to rectify on our own time, if the issue is a result of negligence on our side. If the error was a result of lack of information or misinformation or someone outside the Polished Teams actions, we are still happy to rectify the issues but the works will be billable.

- Should you request BAS works, we will have access to your historical BAS records. Your records are confidential and we would only review previous BAS records should be related to current works or you have asked us to.

- Requesting BAS or Bookkeeping works authorizes our accessing your accounting software and or documentation you, your accountant or related parties may provide.