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Employee comfort is directly reflective towards business growth. Your team is the engine of your business, and when it fails, success halts. There are simple and enjoyable methods to improve your staff relations. 

- Reviewing your systems and creating procedural manuals

- Providing staff training to get your team motivated and knowledgeable

- Suggesting easy adjustments to revitalise your business

- We are affiliated with impressive motivational and work/life health specialists whose programs can be lumped into your package.

Software Training

Xero, Myob, QuickBooks Online - the leaders of the industry - and we are partners with each. Xero Certified Advisors, Myob Partners, QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisors - these are all different labels that translate to the same thing: at Polished Business  we use these softwares personally, every day. We know the ins the outs, the flaws, the strengths of each. If something comes up that we do not know - we have multiple personal representatives we can reach out to for immediate assistance.

When training yourself or your team on these software's, we want you to walk away feeling comfortable and well versed. To get you to this point, we provide hands on examples - often using your own data for real world association. You are left with a cheatsheet, personalised to your needs (ie if you never use delivery dockets, we may not cover this, but will have the instructions in your booklet, near the back). Packages can include ongoing support for the first 3 months after training, at lower than standard rates so you do not need to hesitate to reach out for clarifications.

We have dabled with many others (Silq, Wave, BQE, Zoho, Attache, and more), so if you are interested in assitance with another software, please just let us know.​

Hospitality Specialists

The service industry is arguably one the most demanding fields. Between maintaining a positive and friendly front, keeping up with changing legislation's affecting staff and products GST applicability, not to mention ensuring all the behind the scenes works are carried out accurately and on time, its a wonder there are so many businesses in this industry. Or is it? Fast paced, an excuse to be cordial and kind, while be proud you can provide pivotal memories to the masses.

We know hospitality.

Our hospitality specialists have held every role in this industry, from host, to waitress, to bar tender to supervisor to office manager to event planner to marketing assistant to PA to General Managers, to Managers themselves. They've held the responsibility, they know every aspect of what you go through.

Polished Business specialises in:

- Reviewing your systems and creating procedural manuals which can be edited and added to as you progress

- Providing staff training to get your team motivated and knowledgeable

- Suggesting easy adjustments to revitalise your business

Example and Reference: Fine Spun Catering & Woolshed Kitchen by Fine Spun

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We are passionate about our work - so you can get back to what you are passionate about!

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