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We Make Your Business Our Business.

Whether you are opening your doors for the first time or have been around for years – bringing in a Polished Business specialist will empower and drive your business. So often we have clients calling up explaining their situation, and they think they are in so deep that there is no way out or that it will be too hard to tackle. In such cases we always honestly advise "we have seen worse," and "we can fix this." Being able to be the solution to your problems is why we are in business!

We help everyone...almost everyone. The Almost - Polished Business has opted to not assist businesses directly involved in negatively impacting the environment, and wildlife or have unsatisfactory policies with how they treat and/or pay their team members. We are more than happy to assist businesses in moving away from such adverse policies, but we will not assist or will cease our working relationship should such aspects become identified and no change is accepted.

We love every business we work with - we love helping you get back to what you love!

Construction Workers Silhouette

All Trades

Bricklaying, land surveying, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, glass, mechanics, builders, etc

Art Gallery

Unique Businesses

Inventors, Artists, Talent Agents, Musicians


Restaurants, Cafe's, Coffee Vans, Food Trucks, Catering Companies, Event Planners

Ready to Serve

And More!

Business Coaches, IT, Retail Shops, Marketing, Online Stores, Animal and Child Care Facilities

Dog in a Box

Who We Help

Is Polished Right for You?

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