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Why pay full price when you can pay the Polished Price!

As a business, cutting costs wherever possible can truly add up. Polished Business wants to support your business, so you profit - so we have partnered with Xero to be able to provide you with a lifetime* discount on your accounting software!

No matter if you already have a subscription setup or if you need a new subscription started - you qualify for the Polished Price.

While we offer other services, you are not required to utilise Polished Business services in any way - we just want you to enjoy a discount!

Why pay full price when you can pay the Polished Price!

Start saving today!

Subscriptions commence the day of request for the future 30 days. If transferring a current subscription, the wholesaler will bill you a pro-rata amount covering the previous term up to the date of transference.

Look Here for the Current Pricing for XERO.

Note, XERO usually has a discount advertised for the first 3 months - the Polished price is a Discount for as long as you wish Polished to manage your subscription.

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