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Limited Stock Available of:
- Black totes
- Glass Water Bottles

- Keep-cups

Email us at for these special items at low prices! (while stocks last)

Busy Business Bee Collection

Only Business Owners know what it is like to be a Business Owner. You wake up, down a cup of coffee, check your emails, spot five problems and fix them, check your team's calendars and work progress, play with your dog, come up with seven new ways to improve your business, implement three, get your kids off to school, check in with four customers and two suppliers, then 9 am hits and you "start your workday."

Give a nod to anyone you see sporting this workwear, because you only know if you know!

All of our products are eco-friendly, plus we donate 5% of all sales to The Elephants and Bees Project - an amazing initiative that minimizes human-elephant conflict AND supports bee populations AND supports social and economic boost to farmers in Sagalia, Kenya,

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